Why I Ignore the Media as much as Possible

The recent Ted Nugent controversy has provoked some intense feelings in me and probably not for the reasons you think. It centers on journalists being a “moral compass” for us all and thinking of themselves as high-minded, all-knowing beings of wisdom. God forbid you disagree with them because if you do you are labeled as an extremist and unworthy of having conversation with them.

Case in point, look at the Ted Nugent situation. Ted Nugent gives an interview where he says that if Obama were re-elected he would “either be dead or in jail” come next year. The media proceeds to get all up in arms and actually think he was serious. On all the major news network sites, I was reading commentary pieces that said he should be arrested for threatening the president because he was serious, has all these guns, and bows with arrows so he must have the means to carry it out. This is the point where my blood boils. If the media did any ACTUAL research, they would see that Ted Nugent his entire public life has been a proverbial “poop stirrer”. He definitely believes what he says but he does his best to be as off-color and crude as possible in expressing himself. He wants the media to pay attention to him because he likes being in the news. By giving him any mind you are playing into exactly what you want him to do. However…that is not the real issue I have. The real issue I have is with the whackjob media members calling for him to be arrested and how because he owns weapons and loves to hunt that he must be serious and President Obama must be protected from the Nuge. The real issue is that the media loves to look down on anyone that does not agree with them. Because Ted Nugent is a Republican, owns guns, loves to hunt, and drives a pick up truck the media automatically looks down on him as a dumb redneck that is stupid enough to take a shot at the president. Their goal is to tear down people who are different from them and describe people who enjoy hunting, etc. as these scary individuals who need to be locked up and ignored as these “crazies”.

The media loves to celebrate the constitution and talk about “freedom of the press” and first amendment rights but then wipe their butt with it when someone with a dissenting opinion speaks up. Let me make it clear that Ted Nugent should have never said what he did. I do not like Obama or what his policies have been but I do not want him dead and nor do I want anything to happen to him or his family. My issue is the hypocrisy of the media. When George W. Bush was president, celebrities were publicly threatening and denigrating him all the time. However because it was the Matt Damons, George Clooneys, and Meryl Streeps of the world it was ok. Oh, and the media hated George. Ironic isn’t it?

To be “fair and balanced”, I am not a fan of Bill O’Reilly or Rush Limbaugh either. Both of them are blowhards and while sometimes they make excellent points; they are ignore because of their narcissistic and combative attitudes.

To sum it up, I hate the media. I hate how they look down on anyone different from them but most of all, I hate how they overreact and make stories out of nothing to push their agenda.

I know I have used the “hate” word a lot in this post and I do apologize for that. The root of the problem is observing how far people have drifted from God. This world has become (maybe always has been) a place where narcissistic, self-righteous attitudes will get you far as well as lots of attention. The idea of being humble and wanting to help people has been lost on practically everyone. It is where my conviction of being a Christian kicks in. When I turn on the news, pride covering up brokenness is evident. It is the very reason why the Church must be different. We must be full of humble people following the example of Christ and living a life worthy of that calling. If we do not, we are no different then the rest of the world except that we gather once a week listen to a person talk and sing some songs.

Paul writes that we must live a life worthy of our calling. In order for a prideful world to take notice, we must live up to that calling. Only through Christ will the world change and it is up to us to set that example with His sovereignty.

Listening to the media will only cloud everything because they are about two things (for the most part), themselves and pushing their agenda.

Christians need to be about loving God with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength and our neighbors as ourselves.

That is a difference maker.

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